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Emco Construction

Contact Person: Emiël Von Zweel

Location: 230 Clark Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria, Gauteng

Emco Construction Pty(Ltd) was established in 2012, by Emiël Von Zweel, with a group of highly skilled employees to attend to the construction of property. The company is situated in Pretoria. We do construction in Pretoria, Witbank and all around in the Gauteng area.

What we do
We are always available with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet any requirements in the field of civil construction.

Emco Construction Pty(Ltd) provide the following services:
Concrete Slabs, Renovations, New Dwellings, Building Maintenance, Plumbing, Painting, Paving, Fencing, Tilling, Dry walling, and Garage doors.

We attend to the following services: Concrete Slabs, Renovations, New Dwellings, Building Maintenance, Plumbing, Painting, Paving, Fencing, Tilling, Dry walling, and Garage doors.

Business competitiveness
EMCO Construction Pty(Ltd) always strives to give the best service to our clients, the company will also strive to get the client the best prices on materials, Furthermore, the company will be sourcing the best quality in materials to assure the client that the projects will be off the best quality.

T: +27 (081) 077 8875 | F: 086 596 9583

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Building Maintenance

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Heat King

Contact Person: Dawie Malan

Designation: Director

Location: 129 Rabie Street, c/o 1st Avenue, Fontainebleau, Randburg, Gauteng, 2194

Heat King supplies LP Gas, refill, deliver and exchange Afrox Cylinders (9, 19 & 48kg). Heat King does gas installations (fireplaces, heaters, stoves, hobs, cookers, geysers, braais, grills) and issue Certificates of Conformity (Gas COC). Heat King is the Official Distributor of Heatwave Fireplaces and Braais. We install, service and maintain fireplaces and braais. Heat King does Fireplace Chimney Sweeps. Freestanding and Built-in Closed Combustion Fireplaces on Display at our Showroom in Randburg. Heat King specializes in Hot Water Heating Solutions supply and install Solar Geysers (Kwikot), Gas Geysers (Bosch) and Heat Pumps (Energy Efficient and Integrated Systems).

T: 0117911150 | C: 0723717178

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Building Maintenance

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Home Owners Friend

Contact Person: Floris Beukes

Designation: Owner

Location: Plot 142, Kameeldrift, Pretoria, Gauteng

At Home Owners Friend we thrive on projects that don't quite fit into the normal mold.

We pride ourselves on not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of each and every one of our clients at all times.

If you need out of the box thinking, give us a call for a free no obligation quote.

Our Services:
- Waterproofing
- Painting
- Renovations
- Steel Work
- Geysers
- Roofing

T: +27 (0)61 482 8170 | C: +27 (0)61 482 8170

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Building Maintenance

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Ikando Consruction

Contact Person: Jan de Beer

Location: 1176 Charl Cilliers Street, Shop 11, Mountain View, Pretoria, Gauteng, 0082

Ikando Construction has extensive hands-on experience in home improvements and renovations, with many years of experience and expert advice. We can fulfil in all of your construction, building and management needs for your residential or commercial building projects. We are BEE certified and situated in Pretoria.

T: +27 (0)12 377 0373 | C: +27 (0)82 456 0091

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Building Maintenance

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Mbuna Projects (Pty) Ltd

Contact Person: Pierre Clack

Designation: Director/ Project Manager Pta Region

Location: Unit 10 12, Steenbok Street, Koedoespoort Industrial, Pretoria, Gauteng

We are a family run business. Our work is done with honesty, integrity, and we believe in a hands on management approach.

We offer a full range of building and professional services to the following areas, and specialise in, but are not limited to the following:

- Building and Construction
- Commercial Buildings
- Residential Developments
- Building Maintenance
- Renovation & Restoration
- House – Bathrooms and Kitchens' Renovations and Restaurations

Our Speciality Areas include:

- Painting
- Drywalls
- Tiling – Wall and Floors
- General plumbing
- Paving and curbing
- Electrical installations
- Palisade fencing / Steel work
- Carports


T: +27 (0)82 393 9072 | C: +27 (0)82 393 9072

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Building Maintenance

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Roof Cleaning & Ceiling Vacuuming Services

Contact Person: Gordon

Designation: Manager

Location: Pretoria, Gauteng

Having a clean roof space is essential to your family’s health! We provide a professional and reliable roof cleaning service that specialises in the cleaning and removal of dust, bird/rat/bat faeces, carcasses, nests, dust mites, building rubble and old deteriorated insulation materials from your roof space.

Our roof spaces are often overlooked when considering a clean and hygienic environment. Many people don’t realise how many rodents, bats, birds and other pests move through their roof leaving behind their urine and faeces. These rodents often attract cockroaches, silverfish and insects. Even after ridding ones house of these pests their faeces still remains.

Over the years this accumulation of faeces and urine dries up and turns to dust and bacteria which slowly makes its way into your living space through light fittings, air vents, extractor fans, gaps in cornices etc. This can often be the cause of a number of unexplained ailments including allergies, diseases, eye & skin irritations, lung diseases and sneezing.

There is serious health risks associated with rat, bat and bird infestations in one’s home. These infestations attract cockroaches, parasites, lice, viruses and bacteria which can in turn pose a health risk in your premises.

Below are some “symptoms” indicating your roof space may need to be cleaned:
◾Bad odours – These may be caused from faeces, urine, old bird nests and carcasses
◾Noises on your ceilings – This may be caused by rats, bats and birds living in your roof
◾Dust in your house – This can seep through fittings and openings in your ceiling to your living space
◾Stains on your ceiling – If this is not caused by a leaky roof chances are its faeces or rodent urine
◾Damage to rolled insulation, plastic pipes and electrical cables – This is usually caused by rats
◾Diseases such as Typhus and Salmonella and intrusion of dust mites
◾Unexplained ailments such as allergies, eye irritations, lung diseases and sneezing which won’t go away

T: +27 (0)86 111 1001 | C: +27 (0)82 552 9763

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Building Maintenance

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Van Wyk Wonings

Contact Person: Gert van Wyk

Location: Plot 7, Gouws Avenue, Raslouw, Centurion, Gauteng

Gert and Gerhard van Wyk, the members of Van Wyk Wonings, have been involved in the construction of residential units in Centurion since 1996. They were also involved with the development of various successful Sectional title developments as well as Office buildings. The Royal Elephant Hotel, a landmark in Centurion as well as The Centurion Forever Resorts Hotel was also constructed by a parent company of Mr Van Wyk.

Van Wyk Wonings can assist prospective clients with the aquisition of land, support in design, construction, rezoning, installation of services and irrigation and landscaping.

Focused on the Centurion and Midstream area, we can provide solutions in all the areas of development, on time and of the highest quality, professionally.

T: +27 (0)12 658 8000 | C: +27 (0)72 582 3791 | F: +27 (0)12 666 9045

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Building Maintenance

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Windorpro (Pty)ltd

Contact Person: Stewart Murdoch

Designation: Owner

Location: 46 Blommestein Street, Krugerdorp North,, Krugersdorp, Gauteng, 1739

We are window and door lifestyle consultants which means we strive to enhance the lifestyle of people through window and door solutions.We meet customers on site and analyse the needs of each customer and offer window and doors best suited .
Recent studies have found that the amount of light can affect the health , emotional and physical needs of people . We provide solutions to improve this as well as integrating outdoor lifestyle with inside living.
Our product range include steel doors and windows, aluminium doors and windows ,wooden doors and windows, garage doors in wood and steel.
Our services include personal visitation and consultation of clients at their houses, businesses or offices.
We also do replacement of old windows and doors with new ones.Enclosing of verandahs, patios and entertainment areas.

T: +27 (0)11 665 5032 | C: +27 (0)82 450 2448

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Building Maintenance

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